Denmark – Second favourite bridge in the world

Favourite Bridge in the world is of course Tower Bridge in London, which we live just 5 minutes walk from. However, the one described in this post is not far behind when it comes to being favourite.


Little Belt Bridge’s real name is Lillebæltsbroen. It’s Danish and the truss bridge is attaching Jutland to Funen, so we can all cross the strait. There is actually two bridges now as traffic got too much and a bigger bridge with a motorway had to be constructed, however the one I am thinking of here is obviously The Old one. On below pictures you have a view from the old bridge and can see the new one in the distance.

2015-04-03 08.32.50

Build in the beginning of the 1930’s, opening day was May 14th 1935 and two of the small wooden houses that the workers lived in while building this bridge, is actually still standing on the Jutland side, now listed buildings.


One of the main reasons why this bridge is my favourite is obviously that my family live just below it, thus every time I see it I have a nice fussy feeling of being home. For me it’s an icon of Denmark.

2015-04-03 08.49.34

2015-04-03 08.31.24

Quite recently they have opened a new attraction called “Bridge Walking” on this bridge. Basically you can cross the bridge by climbing the actual framework, hooked to a safety system that’s supposed to make sure you don’t fall off the bridge. I believe the idea was inspired by the Bridge Walking on Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, only that is obviously slightly higher than the Little Belt Bridge.

2015-04-03 08.45.21I am still undecided on whether to try my luck as a bridge walker, suffering from fairly severe fear of heights. Time will tell. Anyone who knows about other Bridge Walking experiences, or who has ever been on one?


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