Denmark – A gallery of Skagen’s yellow

Skagen's YellowLast week a visit to the most northern point of Denmark took us to Skagen. It’s right at the top of Denmark, where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea. The first settlers came in the Middle Ages and founded a fishing village which is still thriving today. In fact it is the main fishing port of Denmark to this day, despite the fact that the town only has about 8000 inhabitants. That is, when you don’t include the 2 million tourists who come to visit this beach town every year. For holiday makers it’s a bit like the Danish version of The Hamptons in the U.S, or Whitstable or Brighton in England.

Skagen is known for many things. Calm, earth-bound and weathered fishermen and amazing fish restaurants. Grenen – the name of the top of the country, where the two seas meet. Holiday makers, especially around the 29th week of the year, where Danish celebrities for some reason all go to Skagen to see, be seen, and drink champagne. Skagen Festival, which has lovely folk music and a one-of-a-kind summer atmosphere that can only be found in Scandinavia. A group of impressionist artists, who painted there around the end of the 19th century because they feel in love with the evening light of Skagen. And last but not least; the colour yellow.

For some reason most of the houses in Skagen, especially in Old Skagen, have been painted yellow. Light yellow with white windows and a special edge of white paint at the edge of the roof tiles. This specific light yellow colour is now widely known as Skagen’s Yellow, and it simply makes this town a very special place to visit.

Visited June 2015


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