Italy – The place where you must eat Pizza!

Pizza In Naples

Obviously you can’t go to Naples and not have pizza! They say pizza was invented in Naples. However, this is probably a slight exaggeration as flat breads flavoured with herbs, garlic, and meats have been prepared all over the world since ancient times…

But anyways, pizza was on the menu so we ventured out one evening and found a small pizza place where the locals were flogging outside. A very lively place where there was no sense of queuing system or personal space. Nor did the locals seem to think it was necessary to lower their voices. Despite the fact it was past 10pm and the noise from the pizza place bounced out on the street, up in the air, and into the flats through the open balcony doors. People everywhere, eating and talking and laughing loudly in the restaurant area. People everywhere, standing in clusters, waiting for their number to be shouted out loud as a sign that their food was now ready.

This very hectic, passionate, and Italian way of ordering take away pizzas will stay with us as an eternal memory of Naples.

2015-05-17 21.40.51


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