Norway – Oslo’s elegant wooden houses

Last Spring a visit to a friend took us to Oslo in Norway and a walk around town showed how much lovely architecture Oslo actually has. It’s always interesting to see how other people live and build, and one of the things that is characteristic about traditional Norwegian houses is that many of them are made from wood. If you go to the country side in Norway, the houses will mainly be white wooden houses. Even the country side churches are made from wood and painted white (and black).

In Oslo we found that the small wooden houses, which you see all the time in more rural Norway, were mainly colourful, cute, well-kept, and almost fairytale-like.

Our friend lived in a fairly well-off area of Oslo and many of the large elegant houses in this gallery are from her neighbourhood. More than likely these mastodons would have been one-family-houses once upon a time. But even in wealthy Norway these massive houses are now refurbished into flats or have been turned into office buildings.

A weekend is easily spent roaming around, taking in the buildings and different areas of Oslo. It is a super cool, clean, and stylish place to visit, albeit a bit expensive…

Visited May 2014


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