Spain – The spectacular balconies of Seville

Last year we went to Seville in Spain and these images have just been lying around, like so many thousands of travel images of ours, so I thought it was about time to share them.

I have a thing for balconies and for some reason always end up photographing them when travelling. However, some of the balconies of Seville were somewhat unique compared to other places we’ve visited. Check them out…

The balconies that are closed off, like little boxes attached to the side of the house, are the ones that caught my attention the most.

Other places we have visited that are predominantly muslim, or has been at some point in time, have similar balconies. Places like Lamu at the north coast of Kenya and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania for example. The idea for these balconies was that the ladies of the house could stand or sit and look out behind the curtains or wooden shutters, but not be seen themselves.

As Seville was under Moorish rule and has a lot of architecture from that period, my theory for these closed balconies is that they are influenced by islamic or arabic architecture? Or does anyone know the exact purpose of these closed off balcony-boxes? Would love to hear from anyone who actually knows the history. Get in touch…


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