What This Is

TheWorldLet’s call it a world blog. A blog about this magnificent world that we live in, the amazing (mostly… Sorry there, George W. Bush) people, who inhabit it, and the diversity of customs, traditions, and cultures that are found in all of these different places, amongst these different people.

This is a world blog that celebrates details of what we see around us, wherever we may be, and moments of lived life. It tells the tales of places and people, the anecdotes and adventures of our life, and of the lives of people we meet on our journey through this world.

At Borderless Tales you will find pictures and stories of the weather-beaten soul of Tunisian front doors. The dense forests of washing hanging in the tiny streets of historic Naples. The street food vendors’ making of traditional Pakistani kebabs. The diverse, ever-changing street art of London. The odd trend of wearing your pyjamas when leaving the house in Cambodia. The jumps of a Maasai tribal dance in East Africa. The quiet cobbled streets of small old villages in Denmark. The bustle of the rivers in Bangladesh.

My dad always said to me that “life is an adventurous tale and you write the storyline”. That’s how the name of this blog came about and we try to live by this rule as much as possible. Some of our happiest moments and most brilliant places ever visited are described here. They say happiness is only real when shared. So we share.


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