Who We Are

Who We Are ImageWe are Mr. and Mrs. and we are based in beautiful, diverse, hectic, and utterly amazing London Town, where the weather is in fact less grey and rainy than people tend to imagine.

Here you will often find us enjoying the vast selection of dining and drinking options – our favourites tend to be in quirky East London, which is our neck of the woods. And if we’re not out, determined to spoil our good health with too much (often rich) food and wine, you will see us cycling around (leisurely, not racing), taking in the wealth of history, lively markets, brilliant museums, and calming green parks that London has on offer.

Between us we have travelled for more than 5 years altogether and have visited more than 90 countries, still counting (Ouch, that actually sounds a bit expensive when it’s listed like that!!) We believe in slow travels and wouldn’t ever rush around a region to tick off sights, nor book a package holiday to roast in the sun at a resort full of ancient Northern European booty. That just isn’t our thing. Instead, we like to take out the backpack, albeit it sometimes being the flash-packy version. We travel to meet the locals and indulge in their food and history, to learn new and expand our horizons. Quoting Susan Sontag; “We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.”

Rif, the Mr. of the team, was born in Wales then became a Northerner, interrupted by 6 years in Bangladesh, before moving down south to lovely London. He has now been here for nearly twenty years and would prefer to stay in zone 1, if the house prices weren’t so darn steep. We may just have to live in a shoebox to make that dream come true.

Rif loves red wine and oysters, not necessarily at the same time though. He is quite the IT wizard and the one who is put in charge when the computers aren’t acting according to plan. His favourite colour is yellow and you will often find him wearing a bow tie and always colourful and multi patterned socks, at least when home in London. He is also the one who has taken most of the amazing images we share with you on this blog, and should you be interested in his services as a photographer, please just jot us a line.

I, Rikke – the Mrs. of the team – was born in Denmark into a family that has roots in the same area of Jutland for generations. However, I was born with a distinct wanderlust and I have moved more than twenty times the past 15 years… I think my friends and family are now happy I have moved overseas, so they don’t have to help me move around anymore. Besides now living in England I have also lived in Germany and Norway.

My favourite food used to be Italian, but after moving to the UK, funnily enough, my eyes (and tastebuds) have opened to the rich flavours of Indian cooking. Apparently England’s national dish is now considered to be Chicken Tikka Masala, and I completely see why! My guilty pleasure is rom-coms and I have a tendency to wear a lot of black clothes, being a true Scandinavian in that sense. I have always enjoyed writing and I am the one composing the majority of the posts on this blog. I hope you’re enjoying the words.

We met in Kenya where I was volunteering at an orphanage and women’s crisis centre. Rif was on a 3-year world trip described and depicted in the, now closed, blog Huqelberry’s Adventures. You will see that we occasionally re-post the best stories and images from the old blog, as many of them are just too good not to be shared. On Valentines Day, of all days, Rif passed through Nakuru where I was based and a friendship was forged. He stuck around, waiting for me to finish up at the orphanage, and we ended as travel partners for nearly five months travelling through Tanzania, Malawi, Thailand, and Cambodia, ending our journey in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By then love was is the air and when I had to go back home, Rif decided to cut his travels short and return with me.

Since then there has been a wedding and lots of shorter trips and holidays. We travel as often as our jobs and bank accounts allow us to and we hope you’ll enjoy our World Blog…


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